A reliable yield can only be achieved with a high-quality construction. In addition, the built PV system should be in accordance with the planning and yield reports. Therefore it is important that a project is checked by independent experts in terms of quality, safety and standards compliance.

CEP SOLAR offers due diligence reports and interim and final inspections of PV installations.

  • Preparation: sifting relevant project and planning documents
  • Comparison of the structural design with the essential features of the yield report and the execution planning. Among other things, tilt, orientation and distance between rows of modules, cabling, wiring.
  • Plausibility check of the system performance with radiation measurement
  • Visual inspection of the structural design of the module installation, system installation and wiring, Wiring, inverter generator stations and junction boxes
  • Measurement of open circuit voltage, short circuit current, voltage-MPP, MPP-power, isolation and characteristic measurement individual strands
  • Thermographic images
  • Functional test of the monitoring system
  • Rework: execution of a final report, documentation of abnormalities, Optimization instructions, measurement protocols