Purchasing photovoltaic modules and/or components involve significant investments. Due to these significant costs and the fact that the modules are expected to function for more than 20 years: quality is of extreme importance. Thanks to the professional knowledge of the solar sector and intimate understanding of Chinese industry, CEP Solar can help clients achieve the best quality/price ratio resulting in significant savings.

CEP Solar is intimately familiar with all the 1st and 2nd tier manufacturers of photovoltaic panels in mainland China as well as wafer, cells, and components manufacturers. This enables CEP Solar to negotiate directly on your behalf with modules suppliers as well as primary materials/components producers such as cells, wafers and silicon manufacturers in order to secure advantageous pricing and/or payment conditions.

CEP Solar can support and advise  our  clients during the negotiation phase regarding contract terms, pricing strategy, penalty clauses, guarantees and warranties, payment terms, long term pricing, etc. We take into consideration all the data pertaining to the client’s project, needs, and technical requirements.


CEP Solar objectives are:

  • Search and identify the most suitable supplier meeting or exceeding client’s quality requirements.
  • Achieve most competitive price/quality ratio.
  • Ensure product quality guarantees.
  • Advise on contract terms in order to protect client’s interests.
  • Establish process for quality control measures.
  • Ensure correct loading process.
  • Ensure delivery schedule.



CEP Solar can help Western clients with the development of their PV plants by identifying and securing equity investment, negotiate vendor financing, and even help with the sale of the completed PV plant.