CEP Solar helps companies to conduct factory due diligence for banks, financial institutions, investment funds, etc.

The factory audit consists in a comprehensive analysis of the supplier which in turn helps the buyer to evaluate a possible partnership taking into consideration the technical capability, experience, reliability, and financial strength of the supplier.

As the number of PV manufacturers in China is continuously growing it is of paramount importance to insure that the information provided by the factories are true and verifiable. Especially in the internet-age, it is common to see very nicely designed websites with impressive claims. However the reality can be very different than what factory portrays. A factory audit will give you a clear indication if the representation is indeed true.

CEP Solar visits the factory and collects information covering all the main aspects such as supplier’s data, production process, equipment and machinery, internal quality control system, management evaluation etc.

The client is provided with a detailed report which let with all essential information helping them make the right decision.