Renewable energy allows significant returns for investors thanks to favorable regulatory system, present incentives, including tax incentives.

However, the limited availability of sites and the high complexity of authorization procedure require a significant effort for project development.

Despite the return granted by regulation, few companies have been able to be successful in the industry.

CEP Solar can provide the entire development chain thorough plan operation: scouting, authorization procedure, business and technical due diligence, Financing, EPC project management and project monitoring:

Business care:

Greenfield and acquisitions:

  • Preliminary technical-economic assessment of the potential opportunities identified by the investors in order to support decision on:
  • Development scheduling
  • Investments
  • Analysis of the tax implications and available incentives
  • Plant incentives
  • Minimum project requirements for banking std
  • Potential return for shareholders


  • Technical assessment plan of potential production
  • Supervision of suppliers dedicated to production measurement
  • Independent assessment of measurement results.

• Due Diligence:

Business Due Diligence:

  • Economic-financial target analysis
  • Regulatory and legal analysis of authorization status
  • Business planning, tax review and valuation
  • Support for negotiation strategy

Technical Due Diligence:

  • Production data analysis
  • Assesment of the technical operational performance and plant reliability

Definition of required investments and plant management costs.

• Authorization process:

  • Authorization plan depending on site specification and local regulation
  • Gantt definition
  • Preliminary plant layout to start authorization procedure
  • Relation management with local authorities

• Financing:

  • Document preparation with industrial references and business plan
  • Review of business model prepared by investors
  • Financing institutions scouting
  • Support for selecting lending institutions
  • Identification of possible government/local authorities subsidized financing

• EPC management

Project management (suppliers selection, work supervision, results control) for:

Preliminary planning

  • Plant suppliers selection
  • Contract negotiation
  • Building permission
  • Suppliers relationship management
  • Construction control
  • Grid connection
  • Administrative iter for incentives on energy production
  • EPC Monitoring:

Project monitoring:

  • Work progress
  • Timetable monitoring
  • Costs monitoring
  • Plant features coherence with project specification.