CEP Solar is a leading technical consulting company specialized in the solar sector offering a wide range of services concerning:

Technical Consulting CEP Solar performs exhaustive quality control of photovoltaic solar modules and components throughout the production process and before shipment helping buyers and banks to manage and reduce risk in the PV industry. 

As a technical advisor CEP Solar offer due diligence reports and final inspections of PV installations, review of planning documents and reports as well as external advisory activities. Learn more

Development of PV plants CEP Solar can provide the entire development chain including plan operation: scouting, authorization procedure, business and technical due diligence, Financing, EPC project management and project monitoring. Learn more

Investment CEP Solar can work directly with investors (pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, alternative investment funds, family offices, etc.) to offer them compelling rates of return that can reach double digit IRRs.  Learn more

CEP Solar, with more of 6 years of solid worldwide experience in PV, has been involved in more than 500 MW in projects and won the trust of leading companies in the renewable energy sector as well as medium and growing SMEs because of its expertise and knowledge of the local market.